Wireless Solutions

  The Virtual SMSC platform is constructed form the Virtualplus Wireless Toolkit. You are able to licence and own this system or we are also able to provide it on an outsource ASP basis. Virtualplus also sends millions of messages per month.

Virtual SMSC
The Virtualplus Virtual SMSC platform is designed for carrier grade Wireless ASP message environments. The system allows for the management for the transmission of millions of messages. These can be submited via a many resellers. Once a message is received for transmission then the least cost routing and resilience logic routes this message via one of many outbound SMS gateways / SMSCs. Think of it as a Cisco router for SMS. It is ideal for Wireless ASPs and is capable of connecting multiple peered networks.

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Our Message delivery systems are able to support
Inbound Interfaces Via XML-RPC, HTTP Web Post, SMPP
Java Object, Windows and Command line interfaces
Free Tools and sample code with our developer program
Built In Powerful MMSC Capabilities
UDHI (User Data Header Indication)
Voicemail and Fax notification indicators
WAP Push messages (independent of gateway).
WAP OTA configuration of settings and bookmarks
2 Way SMS via Shortcode and Longcode
Class 2 (Direct to SIM) and Class 0 (Direct to Screen)
Ringtones, Logos and other Binary Data
Support for E-mail and Fax with same interface
Managed send service, and custom application development
Three grades of service Premium, Economy and Economy Plus with great coverage

SIM Toolkit and Javacard
Virtualplus toolkits interface with SIM based data components. We also have experience with GSM Mobile equipment devices such as SIM Toolkit and the SIM based Javacard.