Our Network

International Telecom Area Code Coverage

Via our international network of Nodes (Data Centers) we are able to provide telecom access in over 400 Area Codes in over 75 countries. From these locations we can provide Unified Messaging, Voicemail, Fax and other messaging services.

Wireless Gateways

We currently have over 20 direct connections to Wireless Network carriers. These connect in from our multiple node locations. This connectivity is high throughput SMPP, UCP connections over IP. We are able to offer inbound and 2 Way SMS in various countries around the world.

Worldwide Data Center Node Locations

Virtualplus is building one of the world's largest messaging backbones. This will allow us to transport all message and media types around the world securely, quickly and cost effectively. This provides great benefits to end users of our systems, as with our revolutionary global messaging roaming technology they are able to collect messages locally from any node point around the world.If you are interested in joining the network then please visit our partners section. Our Node network is currently rolled out to world-wide locations below.

London, UK Amsterdam, Holland
Copenhagen, Denmark Stockholm, Sweden
Paris, France Frankfurt, Germany
New York, USA Toronto, Canada
Portland, USA Dallas, USA
Hong Kong Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Singapore Sydney, Australia