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  The Virtualplus Fax Solutions use these Toolkit Modules to create a highly scalable, carrier grade and proven system.

The Virtualplus Fax Modules plug seamlessly into the Virtualplus "V+ Toolkit" Architecture to provide a carrier grade, investment preserving, software and hardware fax solution. The Fax Module provides the following features

Rapid Development Of Fax Applications
The open and toolkit based approach of the Virtualplus Fax systems means that you can quickly and cost effectively bring your applications to life. We offer consulting services to do this on your behalf or you can use the V+ Toolkit. Some examples include Order systems, Booking systems, Inbound Fax, Faxback systems, Broadcast Fax.

Network Ability
You can either licence and own your own Fax system or connect into Our global network. This gives your fax applications global reach. We are able to off local POPs in over 100 area codes. This means inbound fax via 100 global phone numbers managed and controlled by one account. This also means we are able to deploy your custom, hosted fax applications globally.

The Virtualplus Fax systems are written in the V+ Toolkit which is a collection of APIs using open standards. Our VAPI interface layer means that each element of the system can be re-branded with your logo or unique text.

Micro Billing Capability
How often is billing overlooked in the overall management puzzle? The Virtualplus billing engine can provide micro billed events via open APIs and XML interfaces. CDR feeds can be via batch or real time.

Monitoring, Support & SNMP
The Virtualplus Fax systems all have SNMP capability. Our custom MIB connects your existing and standard SNMP monitoring systems into the support and reporting capabilities of the Virtualplus messaging node.

Inbound Fax to Fax Mailbox Message Store
Inbound Fax to E-mail
Inbound Fax to Web Client
Outbound Fax Via Web Client
Outbound Fax Via E-mail
Outbound Fax Via Windows Printer Driver
Integration with Web Client Address Book
Fax On Demand Service
XML RPC or SOAP Fax Sending API (send direct from your application)
Fax Notification via SMS or Pager Alerts
"Be An ASP" support for multi-tiers (companies, resellers and users)
Extremely Re-brandable. Allows managing of multiple re-brands.
Real time CDR feed, query via SQL and log reading
Multimedia Message store with SQL interfaces
Java based Provisioning engine
Operates on UNIX and PC hardware