Email Solutions

  The Virtualplus E-mail Solutions use these Toolkit Modules to create a highly scalable, carrier grade and proven system.

The Virtualplus E-mail plugs seamlessly into the Virtualplus "V+ Toolkit" Architecture to provide a investment preserving, software and expandable E-mail solutions.

E-mail still is the "killer app" of the Internet and outsourcing this vital service can bring many benefits to your business. outsourcing gives you a cost-effective, brandable, scalable and resilient system. E-mail can also act as the cornerstone of your Outsourcing strategy. With Virtualplus the E-mail box can act as the central point for all other messaging methods, wireless, fax, voicemail and other types.

The Virtualplus E-mail systems feature
POP3 and SMTP E-mail Server
Rich Message Store (enhanced message type storage), SQL Access
Scalable and SQL query capable central Message store
Integration into Unified Communications Systems
Web Mail Interface
Web Address Book
Junk E-mail Features including Real-time Black hole List, Relay Filter
XML RPC or SOAP E-mail Sending API (send direct from your application)