The multi-award winning Virtualplus systems architecture is now in its third generation. Originally developed in 1995 its unique distributed functionality leads the way for messaging solutions.

The V+ Toolkit
The V+ Toolkit is a collection of modularized telecommunication building blocks (Modules)which allow for the rapid development of enhanced telecommunications services. The V+ Toolkit allows Virtualplus to introduce new services rapidly and cost effectively to its customers. The Toolkit utilizes open standards which greatly simplifies the task of integration with customers. An analogy of the V+ Toolkit would be in considering it a platform such a 3Com Palm. You can get a calculator by spending $10 on a hardware device, or your can buy a Palm Pilot which has a Calculator and a whole lot more built in. The V+ Toolkit is a platform like the palm platform, not the mono-function calculator.

Modules Together = Packages
The V+ Toolkit consists of over 100 separate modules. For example: Wireless Scripting Host, Voicemail Module, Call Flow Processor, CDR Billing Module, Fax Sending, Japanese Language, Node Distributed Control, Address Book, WAP Publisher and Single Source Content Store. The way these modules are put together defines the functionality. We can either supply a preset package of these modules (i.e. a turnkey preset solution) or you can write your own using the Virtualplus API.

The Node
The V+ Toolkit and the Packages that run on top of it are Software. This software runs on our hardware platform which we call a Node. This consists of PC and UNIX hardware machines connected to the outside world. We connect to the Telecom world via a T1 or E1 PRI. An antenna connects to cellular networks via a Radio PAD. We also can connect to paging and SMS networks via a TAP dial up link, as well as the essential Internet link of course.

Languages are Modules!
With such a globally accessible platform language support is essential. Languages are module plug-ins to the V+ Toolkit. This means adding new languages does not mean a re-design or bolt on.

Distributed Nodes
What makes the Virtualplus architecture unique is the Distributed nature of a network of Nodes. Located in the major business capitals of the world is a Virtualplus Node. The V+ Toolkit runs the same single copy of itself on every Node in the Network. The Nodes are connected via a extremely secure virtual private network (VPN). The Node Network means we can move messages of any type around the world and deliver or receive them locally. This gives us a global roaming network for message collection.

On A Grander Scale.....
The World is converging. Services and systems that used to happen over wires and hardware now take place in software. Up until now software used to mean operating on one single computer. With the distributed Virtualplus system architecture software means operating on many computers at the same time, all in separate corners of the world. This gives us the ability to deploy a service or system in software instantly, globally (but locally), cost effectively and uniformly in any language.