Scalable Communications Solutions

Virtualplus provides enhanced messaging, wireless and real time communications solutions to Telecommuncation, Wireless, ISP, Enterprise & Media Corporations.

Powerful, proven, modular and scalable technology by Virtualplus is behind some of the most innovative and advanced messaging and communications systems within companies today.
SMS & Content Delivery

The Virtualplus Voice Solutions use these Toolkit Modules to create a highly scalable, carrier grade and proven system for SMS, EMS and MMS delivery.
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E-mail still is the "killer app" of the Internet and outsourcing this vital service can bring many benefits to your business. Outsourcing gives you a cost-effective, brandable, scalable and resilient system. E-mail can also act as the cornerstone of your Outsourcing strategy.
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Unified Communications

The Virtualplus Unified Communications systems integrate over 7 incoming message types with 6 collection methods. Wireless technology is covered with both WAP interfaces and extensive SMS capabilities.
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Wireless Solutions

The Virtualplus Wireless Toolkit Solutions allow you to add on a series of value added applications. Virtualplus has developed a suite of value-added enhanced applications to run on the V+ Toolkit.
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The open and toolkit based approach of the Virtualplus Fax systems means that you can quickly and cost effectively bring your applications to life. Some examples include Order systems, Booking systems, Inbound Fax, Faxback systems, Broadcast Fax.
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